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SOCKShell screen shots

Before SOCKShell

This image shows a typical Windows Explorer context menu before installing SOCKShell:

After SOCKShell

This image shows the same Windows Explorer context menu after installing SOCKShell, showing a new 'Edit with Notepad' option on the main menu, along with a variety of options on the SOCKShell submenu:

The SOCKShell menu layout screen

This image shows the SOCKShell screen that is used to configure the layout of the SOCKShell context menu. Each row is a menu item, and each item has a caption, a program name and a number of check boxes. The check boxes control:
  • Whether an icon is displayed next to the menu item
  • Whether to display the item on the SOCKShell submenu or on the main context menu
  • Whether to display a menu separator after the menu item

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